See what customers are saying about Delicious Family Dinners

Melanie L.
Millee found her favorite Delicious Family Dinner today. We made the Formal Bowtie Pasta and being the sausage lover that she is, she ate two full bowls. That never happens! Thanks Delicious Family Dinners!
Angie K.
My husband was a bit skeptical at first, but he is thrilled. Not sure if that says a lot about me and my abilities or you guys and your meals..hmmm. In fact, he already had me cancel Winder Dairy so we could do this long term. For people like me, this is a big deal! The biggest challenge for me, as a mom and wife who is doing way too much, is providing home cooked meals that taste good. I have so much going on in my head all day that just trying to come up with something to fix at the last minute is a challenge. More and more I've been relying on a quick fix whether it was a chicken from Costco or pizza or...who knows what. This has helped so much!.......we are big fans!
Bob B.
My wife loves Delicious Family Dinners. No deciding what to make and when to make it. Our kids get a different meal and we don’t hear the same complaint “Chicken Again?!?” Delicious Family Dinners are great.
Kelly L.
Oh my Gosh, tried our first Delicious Family Dinner and….Amazing!!! I am making the Pasta Meal right now!
Marina B.
I tried my first dinner last night. I just love knowing that I don't have to stress over dinner anymore. My husband loved the meal and it made me happy that he had a great dinner to come home to. I work from home, so it's a perfect setup for me.
Tanna D
We have tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh in the past only to find that the meals are not kid friendly (or my taste preference friendly). Your (Delicious Family Dinner) meals work for our entire family. I use the suggested meals emailed to me weekly and for convenience, send my shopping list to Walmart grocery pick up. The DFD and Grocery Pick up combo has totally simplified dinner for three of our nights each week. I feel good knowing as well that on the other busy nights of the week when we need to “grab and go” that my family has had at least 3 great sit down meals.
Julie R.
These meals have put the spice back into our cooking again. They are just fun to make! The ingredients are not what I have typically have cooked with in the past and are expanding my cooking horizon.
Burke H.
Wow! This is like Christmas. I am freaking pumped. Is it really like this every week?
Amy W.
Thank you for making my dinner life so easy!! We are loving cooking together.
Jana E.
I absolutely love these!! I don't dread dinner time anymore. I know we have these. Thank you thank you for your help in taking the stress out of dinner time!! Also, I love preparing it side by side with my husband!
Gloria D.
After 40 years of cooking family meals for 8, I am delighted to learn that for any chicken dish, the fresh chicken can be cubed and cooked in just minutes to be tender and moist. I have, in the past, cooked whole chicken breasts to cut up and they turn out dry. The Chef inspired cooking tricks in the Delicious Family Dinners are basic and work for a great amount of recipes and I am excited to learn them. Fresh vegetables are also quick to cut and cook up – who would have guessed! They cook in the time the pasta cooks as in the Cajun Chicken Pasta.