Do you accommodate any food allergies?

Users are always allowed to switch out the weekly meals for something on our substitution menu, but at this time we do not accommodate any specific food allergies.

How do you keep my food fresh?

Orders placed Monday through Friday by 12:00pm EST (excluding holidays) are shipped the same day. Orders placed after 12:00pm EST or holidays are shipped the next business day. Orders placed Saturday and Sunday will ship out the following Monday (excluding holidays). Please note: at this time Saturday delivery is not available.

How am I notified of the meals that will be shipping to me?

Each Monday, we send you an email, informing you of the meals are scheduled to ship the following week.  You have from Monday until noon on Thursday to make any changes to your delivery schedule by logging into your account.

What if there is a meal detailed out in the Monday email that I am sure I am not going to like?

You are always in control of the meals that are shipped to your home.  Not crazy about one of our weekly meals schedule to deliver to your home, no problem.  Simply log into your account before noon on the Thursday before we ship out the meals and select a better fit for your household on our “Delicious Substitution Menu” and save your changes!  It is that simple.  You are always in control.

Do you ever repeat meals?

Yes!  A feature of our delivery service is that about every 3-4 months you will see some similarities in the meals that are shipped to your home.  Our customers love this and appreciate getting excited over a meal that they have already had and loved.   This also simplifies the prep time etc the second time you have had a meal.

Can we select Gluten Free, Paleo or other specific diet menus?

While we are continuing to look into specific dietary menus, we currently don’t offer meals that align exactly with these or other specific diets.  However, each Monday, you can click on the recipes that are emailed out to you for the next week and judge for yourself based on caloric count and ingredients if the meal is a fit for your household.  

If I sign up, how often do I have to order?

You are always in control of how often Delicious Family Dinner delivers to your door.  Simply log in to manage your account and you are able to set your delivery preference up to 6 weeks in advance.  Some subscribers get set up to receive a delivery each week, others set their delivery schedule up to be every other week, some once a month.  You are always in control of how often we deliver to you!

If I am going to be out of town, can I skip a delivery?

YES!  Simply log into your account and select “skip” on the date that you wish to skip and hit the save button.  It is very simple.

We are going out of town, but can we have our box shipped to us out of town?

YES!  We ship to roughly 92% of the postal addresses in Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California.  Simply log into your account and change the “ship to” address to your new address.  Remember to change this back when you want the meals to then ship to your home address.

What do I do with box, ice and insulated packaging?

If you are along the Wasatch Front in Utah, simply leave your packaging on your porch the day of delivery and when we drop off your new box, we will pick up and recycle your box from a previous week.

Where do we deliver?

We ship to roughly 92% of the postal addresses in Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and California.  When you type in your zip code, it will detail if we are shipping to that area.  

Can I send a meal to a friend and have it charged to my account?

YES!  Great idea by the way.  You can send a meal to anywhere we ship by logging into your account and selecting to send to a friend.  You will even have the opportunity to select the meals that you would like to send to the friend.  This is a great gift idea for Moms with new babies, for birthday gifts, for special occasions, to give somebody a lift for the day, for college students and for missionaries.